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Ft. Caroline Gardens Assisted Living

Ft. Caroline Gardens

9150 Fort Caroline Rd, Jacksonville, FL 32225

Overall rating of 3.17 based on 6 reviews.

Fort Caroline Gardens is an Assisted Living Facility in Jacksonville, FL.

What does Ft. Caroline Gardens Offer?

Reviews for Ft. Caroline Gardens (6)

    Do not go here

    This place made me sick when I stopped by to visit. They has pneumonia and a stomach bug going around and was told the water of some sort was contaminated and I’m surprised the facility is still open!!! The caregivers and supervisors speak in other languages on front of my family and residents and I find that extremely disrespectful. And you can tell when the owner Jshenny pretends like she knows the patients when she couldn’t even remember the name of one as she was walking by. She pretended she knew who the resident was. Get better care some where else the lady at one end that does medication she had a short afro was down right rude. Take your family somewhere else!!

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    no good

    horrible the staff is not friendly. the people that own this facility doesn’t have a care in the world for the residents. I’m just disgusted with this facility.

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    Glad that my grandson brought me here. I simply love the atmosphere & the good people around.

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    happy with it

    The security and the medical care are doing great. I’m glad I didn’t waste my money here

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    The friendly staff was very accessible when my uncle needed them. All the important place are also accessible.

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