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Hurley Manor Independent Living

Hurley Manor

3333 University Boulevard North Jacksonville, FL 32277

Overall rating of 4.5 based on 4 reviews.

Hurley Manor is located in Jacksonville, Florida. It is more than a home; it is a place of quiet, peaceful, affordable living.

Hurley Manor is a newly remodeled subsidized retirement community in a residential neighborhood near Jacksonville University.  This attractive, efficiently designed property is home to 152 residents. Sponsored by the Catholic Diocese of St. Augustine, it is operated by an all-volunteer board of directors and managed by a not-for-profit management agency.

Professional management and service coordination assure an independent, active and carefree lifestyle.  Provides twenty-four hour security, responsive emergency assistance, and excellent maintenance.  Medical care, churches, shopping, and educational facilities are accessible through community provided transportation.

Reviews for Hurley Manor (4)

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    Simple and comfortable

    What a simple and comfy place to be settling. I’m sure my uncle enjoys it here.

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    Five Stars

    The senior housing was well equipped and the surroundings are very clean. Would definitely recommend this.

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    Simplicity is Beauty

    The simplicity of this place reflects the beauty of joy and happiness of everyone living here. I won’t exchange this for any other place.

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