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Sterling House of Merrimac Assisted Living

Sterling House of Merrimac

4455 Merrimac Avenue Jacksonville, FL 32210

Overall rating of 4.5 based on 4 reviews.

Sterling House of Merrimac in Jacksonville, Florida provides care and Personalized Assisted Living options for seniors. The emphasis is on providing an assisted living lifestyle, allowing you to do what you can and helping you remain as independent as possible.

Comfortable Surroundings

Sterling House is a single-story building designed and built to provide comfort and privacy, with…

  • Private apartments
  • Easy access for those with limited mobility
  • Charming, home-like community settings
  • Areas for socializing, dining and entertaining

Personalized Assisted Living

Sterling House partners with each resident to create a personalized plan, tailored for his or her specific needs.

  • Service fees based on need
  • Delivering quality service and care to each individual
  • Regular review of service plans to meet residents’ changing needs
  • Trained staff to assist with activities of daily living, 24/7:
    • Bathing/showering
    • Clothing selection
    • Dressing assistance
    • Grooming
    • Hygiene
    • Mobility/transferring
    • Dining assistance

 Keeping Life Vibrant

Integral to life at Sterling House are the programs, outings and opportunities for our residents to engage physically, socially and with purpose. Our philosophy incorporates resident’s individual interests, as well as opportunities that allow them to make meaningful contributions to each other and to the community, if they so desire.

Reviews for Sterling House of Merrimac (4)


    They call me Sunshine because I always have a smile on my face. Thank you for making my stay wonderful!

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    Thankful for the team

    The qualified physicians gave my sister a warm and friendly treatment. She was taking her medicine well.

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    Good Impression

    Their place is especially designed to keep people’s moods happy. I can say that I like the aura and the staff.

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    No More Gloomy Days

    With services that keeps us happy, grandma tells me that she never found a place that treated her like a real family. I have always seen a smile on her face whenever I visit her here.

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